Man is innately creative, but society inhibits him at every turn. Creativity is not only neglected in traditional schooling, but is also either left out of the societal equation or revered as something reserved for only artists and musicians. With each new experience, we are told that we should follow in the footsteps of those who came before, regurgitate information, and live regimented lives. Creative problem-solving is rarely, if ever, discussed explicitly.

Though human history reveals the undeniable influence of society and politics, in reading between the lines, we see that creativity is an absolutely irrepressible force that has driven mankind forward since the dawn of time. Conquering the Chaos of Creativity represents this boundless force of synergy, self-discovery, and awareness. It is a search for truth transcending traditional rules, patterns, and assumptions. CCC is not just for pioneers of change. It is not just for writers and designers. It is for everyone, as everyone is creative and capable of incredible innovation.

I invite you to think of this book as an alarm clock. Many people are asleep — glued to their phones, working dead-end jobs. You may want to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, as this is comfortable and easy. However, you have an unequivocally powerful chance to wake up and break out of a state of stasis.

CCC puts forth the idea that a problem can be a positive catalyst. The creative process of problem-solving, in whatever form it takes, is how an individual evolves. Eliminate your preconceptions about a problem being a negative stress-inducer. It is, more importantly, an opportunity to grow, explore, and become more creative.

This book is a journey, not a destination. It is a unique new world for you to explore and learn from. My goal is for you to discover how to ignite and utilize creativity to solve problems in your own personal and unique way. CCC is intended not to direct you, but to offer new perspectives and tools that are yours to adapt as part of your journey.

My own life’s journey to plumb the depths of creativity’s chaos has made one idea absolutely clear: any problem can be solved. It is in fact possible to not only rediscover your own innate creativity, but also use it to impact the whole of your life. Creativity is a complex and mysterious system that, when properly harnessed, can create literal miracles of invention. My earnest goal is for you to be inspired, informed, and above all, reawakened to your own potential.