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Douglas Patton has always been driven by an intense desire to create.

As a Distinguished Alumnus of California State University, Long Beach, Doug founded Patton Design in 1983. For the past three decades, he has created over 300 products in 40 international market categories. Doug has worked with many Fortune 500 CEOs, inventing visionary concepts, strategies, and products for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Disney, IBM, Time Warner, Mercedes-Benz, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, and Abbott Medical Optics. He consulted with USPTO as part of the Patent Public Advisory Committee and was the featured inventor in Simon Cowell’s American Inventor on ABC. Through it all, his passion for creativity has never waned.

It's Doug’s affinity for innovation that has led him to put pen to paper to inspire others by communicating the creative problem-solving process he has developed over the course of his lifetime.. This process is an extraordinary tool for those who aspire to conquer creative challenges, feel stuck due to their circumstances, or even feel that they lack creativity completely. This book underscores the idea that no finished product is superior to the process that created it.